About Our God

We believe the Bible is God’s word for all people, that it is perfect ultimate truth, and the road map for the Christian life.

 We believe that God is the creator of the universe and exists as 1 God in 3 persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 We believe Jesus came to earth as a man but He was also fully God. We believe He died on a cross and rose again, and that in Him, all people can be saved to have eternal life with Father God.

 We believe that from the moment someone comes into relationship with God that He lives in them by the Holy Spirit, and that He brings God’s power and wisdom for every believer to live the life God intended for them.


About Our Church

 We believe that Gateway Church exists for 3 purposes:

  • To see people saved by coming into a relationship with Jesus
    We cannot survive without relationships. We were never designed to be alone and thrived ourselves through relationships with either family or friends. God the Father send His only Son Jesus, so we can have eternal relationship with Him. God’s desire is that we get to grow in knowledge of Him who first loved us.
  • To see people grow in relationship with God
    Growing is part of life. We naturally grow from a baby to an adult physically therefore we also grow spiritually. Our relationship with God enables us to grow in the knowledge of the God who loves us and created us. Through prayer and studying God’s word, we can become who God wants us to be.
  • To see people overcome the physical and emotional challenges they face
    Life is full of challenges. These challenges sometimes tend to overwhelmes us in our walk with God. However, knowing God is there by our side, give us some element of assurance and hope that He will not leave us or abandon us. God helps us to navigate through life with His wisdom and helps us to overcome any emotional challenges life throws at us.

As a church we strive to be Passionate in Worship and Unwavering in compassion for those in need. Our belief is that we must be centred on the truth of the Bible.